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Free Stuff Talk

Talk about it here!

Free Stuff Talk!
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All Members , Moderated
It's pretty simple...

Free Stuff goes in freestuff
Talk about Free Stuff goes here.

There aren't going to be as many rules, but there are a few. Here they are.

  1. Don't post freebies here. This is a community for discussion and even debate, but not freebies. Links to freebies go in freestuff.
  2. This is not a community for flamewars. Please control yourself, and try to keep from calling each other names. That being said...
  3. There will be no heavy moderation going on. The posts are moderated to keep out spammers and referral idiots, but the comments will not be moderated. If you think that someone has gone above and absolutely beyond in their comments, email the moderator. Otherwise...everyone fend for themselves.
  4. NO REFERRAL LINKS Understand that ignorance of this rule and attempts to post your referral links here gives me every right to not only reject your posts, but to swear, curse, and belittle you in the rejection. I have no time for ignorance. Try to make a quick buck elsewhere. I'm so tired of people who don't read the rules.

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